Petition - Surfside Town Center
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YES! We want to hear more about Surfside Town Center!

Local companies, Pointe Development and Monceau Realty, have submitted a proposal to build a new Surfside Town Center that will provide multiple new amenities for residents, including a garage for overnight parking, a gym, banquet space, 16,000 square feet of rooftop open space and other amenities that residents want but do not have at the current Community Center. The Town would also get a new police station, a new town hall, select boutique retail, and new Class A office space ALL AT NO COST TO THE TOWN OR TAXPAYERS! Sound good? It is!


Unfortunately, some of our fellow citizens have misconceptions about our project and want to block public dialogue and prevent the public from learning more about our plans.


Preventing the public from getting necessary information is obviously not a good idea and not healthy for the town.


Please sign this petition to tell the Commission “Yes We Want to Hear More!”