Design & Development - Surfside Town Center
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The Design

The project’s thoughtful design by Modis Architects incorporates the town’s unique history while highlighting aspects of its existing architectural atmosphere and style.


  • Inspired by Florida Modern architecture, which was prevalent from the 1940s through the 1960s in Florida beachside towns — a design style that is still evident in the immediate area

  • It maintains the low-scale character for which Surfside is known

  • Natural elements incorporated in various aspects of the Civic Center design, including references to the local loggerhead sea turtles

  • Elements of the ocean are shown through fluid architectural forms, and tropical landscaping is presented throughout an eco-oriented landscape and hardscape with a solar panel farm on the rooftop

  • Sustainability will be integrated throughout the pedestrian-friendly project, meeting LEED certification

  • The close relationship between public art and the streetscape will strengthen Surfside’s unique identity

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