Benefits to the town - Surfside Town Center
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Benefits to the Town

The Surfside Civic Center presents one of the most significant and beneficial undertakings in the Town’s history. Extensive research and scrutiny have gone into each component of the development in order to meet the Town’s goals and preferences while providing maximum benefits to its residents. Some of the primary lifestyle and economic benefits to Surfside include:

Residential Amenities

• The Surfside Civic Center and an adjacent commercial building will share a connected, 16,490 sq. ft rooftop park overlooking the ocean for residents to enjoy

• The rooftop space will feature art installations, green space, a sports plaza and more, and can be utilized for Town programming in a variety of ways

• The rooftop is a blank slate for the Town to program as desired

• The third floor of the Civic Center includes a gym, which residents can access, a media center, and flex space/banquet hall totaling 5,500 sq. ft.

• Residents will have access to the gym for a nominal fee

• A solar panel servicing building will be housed

• The retail component of the commercial building will encourage economic growth, walkability and an overall live/work/play experience with boutique ground-level shops, cafés, and restaurants all within a short distance of each other

Economic Benefits

• No cash outlay from the town for a new modern turnkey facility

• The town would receive $250,000 per year in base rent plus 10 percent of net revenues from the parking structure under a long-term ground lease

• At lease end, all improvements revert to the town

• Other benefits to Town such as economic growth, greater tax revenue, jobs, real estate revenue, permit revenue during construction, and electricity savings from solar panels