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Dear Friends and Residents of Surfside,


First of all, we would like to thank everyone who has so graciously called or written — expressing their sadness about us having withdrawn our bid to develop a new Town Center for Surfside.  As we noted in our letter to the Mayor and Commissioners, support for our project was clearly growing as more and more residents learned about it and had their questions answered.


While we were confident that the number of residents who wanted to learn more about our proposal far outweighed those who did not, it also became apparent that the proposal had created extremely strong feelings and bitter divisiveness among residents who are either for or against it. This, of course, was not our intent.


When our two organizations decided to submit a bid for a new Town Center project, it was based in no small part on the town’s expressed needs. We did not do this in a vacuum.  We submitted a proposal to meet the needs of the Town, which had been clearly stated by the municipality.


Also, we submitted our proposal only after many conversations with the Town’s leadership — conversations which, more often than not, resulted in positive feedback about our plan.


We appreciate that positive feedback does not automatically translate to a vote, but it did encourage us to continue moving forward with our plan, as we remained in constant communication with the Town to ensure that what we were proposing was in line with their vision.


In light of the feedback we consistently received from the Town over a number of months, it is clear to us that there is absolutely a need for a new town hall and police station within the Town of Surfside!


As the Town now looks to the future, assuming that Town residents do not want to increase their taxes or incur debt, the Town will once again be forced to consider a P3.


Contrary to the statements of some residents, P3’s have been used successfully by dozens of communities throughout South Florida and the rest of the country for many years, including in Miami, Miami Beach, Sunny Isles Beach, Doral and in many other locales.


Moreover, cities always make sure construction bonds are put up for a P3 so that the city will never be on the hook for the cost of construction.  In short, a properly vetted and executed P3 is a great tool for progress in a municipality and has led to progress in dozens of cities.  It is unfortunate that some residents so vigorously rejected our proposed P3, and that many of our elected officials backed down from supporting something they asked for, and had spoken positively about during the process.


Nonetheless, as organizations whose businesses are based in the Surfside area, we love our community and submitted our proposal with the intent of bettering the Town.  We will continue to work toward that goal.


Again, thank you, all, for your kind words, and we look forward to the opportunity for further dialogue with the Town.  If you would like to contact us, we are always happy to talk with Surfside residents and can be reached at info@surfsidetowncenter.com.


Warmest Regards,


Pointe Development Company and Monceau Realty